BBQ’s perfect choice for this summer

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BBQ’s perfect choice for this summer

Summertime is here… It is time to fire up the grill! And Garnacha/Grenache is not missing this party at all. In fact, it could perfectly turn into the star of yours, impressing your guests with delicious pairing choices.

Grenache is so versatile that can create a wine style for almost every wine consumer out there, and you can trust it will also play along in your favorite BBQ parties, having an innate affinity with grilled meats.  It specially works best with roasted meats, lamb, good beef or steaks and all types of stews and casseroles, game, and even flavorful fish stews.

Here we recommend you a bunch of Garnacha pairings and BBQ occasions so you can enjoy you summermeet ups to the fullest:

Weeknight grilling: Outdoor cooking, bonfire and good conversation. Everything from BBQ classics like burgers, steaks and chops to less typical BBQ fare like pizzas can pair with fleshy, flavorful Grenache based-reds. You can add vegetables and it will be a perfect match, for a casual weeknight meal.

  • Pairing tip: a full-bodied Garnacha with aromas of dark, ripe berries finishing with a good minerality, is greatly paired with spicier grilled dishes such as ribs covered with rich barbecue sauce.

Weekend lunch: slow cooking. While boneless cuts grill more quickly, whole chickens do it easier and come off the grill juicy. Make your rich and full-flavored whites the best partner for any poultry. In this case, white Grenache not only pairs perfectly with summer salads or cheeses like fetta and halloumi, but also with pork chops with apples and spicy-rubbed grilled chicken.

  • Pairing tip: Your funkiest Garnacha Blanca (white) will make the perfect match with a poultry, or anything served with (or marinated in) an herb sauce.

The sweetest point: However, do not worry, because if you go straight for the grilled chicken choice but you are not a white wine fan, Grenache rosés are your thing! Garnacha rosé may be fuller-bodied and sweeter for your juicy choices.

  • Pairing tip: In case of having rosé at the party, bring a bowl of a sweet mango sauce to it!

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