White Grenache

This variety corresponds to a mutation of the red grenache (garnacha tinta), which is why it shares some characteristics: it is sensitive to humid soils, very resistant to droughts and, to a lesser extent, wind.

White Grenache wines anre bodied, have a greenish-yellow color and medium-high acidity, which makes it an ideal variety for both monovarietal wines and for blends. Its aromatic intensity is medium and has floral, herbaceous and fruity notes. They have a high alcohol content and are sensitive to oxidation.

Is used for the production of sweet and stale wines that are consumed as dessert wines.

Pairings with White Grenache

Fish rice, mixed or oriental. Any of them is a good option to pair it with Garnacha Blanca (White). Also, it combines perfectly with fish, especially whitefish. In addition, melted cheeses and rice and pasta salads are perfect to enjoy Garnacha Blanca (White).