What’s the best glass to use depending on what European Garnacha/Grenache you’re tasting?

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It may seem superfluous, but the glass is a key element in the process of wine tasting. In fact, if the glass is chosen incorrectly, it can greatly affect your perception when tasting a wine, and can even mislead its color, aromas or taste.

There are as many shapes of glasses as there are varieties of European Garnacha/Grenache. Here’s a guide to help find the perfect match:

Bordeaux Glass ideal for reds (Garnacha tinta/ Grenache Noir or even Peluda or Tintorera).

This wine glass is characterized by having a larger capacity than the rest of glasses. It allows more complex wines to oxygenate better in the glass, thus enhancing flavors and aromas. Therefore, it would be ideal to drink in it a good monovarietal aged wine from Grenache Noir, Tintorera or Garnacha Peluda.

Burgundy Glass perfect for whites (Grenache blanc or Garnacha blanca or even Gris)

This glass is designed for lighter wines as its design is shorter than the Bordeaux but has a larger bowl. Its purpose is so the wine is directed to the tip of the tongue in a direct way and enabling the taste of the most delicate flavors. The perfect choice for a beautiful Garnacha Blanca or a Grenache Gris.

Universal glass for a rosé wine

Sometimes a universal wine glass is the best choice for a refreshing rosé wine. This glass is perfect because of its multi-purpose character and because it highlights its harmony and subtle taste.

Port wine glass for a fortified wine

The tulip-shaped glass such as the Port retains the dense aromas of dessert wines, e.g, VDN or fortified wines, to which certain processes have been added to increase their alcohol content and stability.

The ideal glass for sparkling

Contrary to popular belief, flutes or coupé glasses are not ideal for sparkling wine. Conventional or universal wine glasses are better, even slightly closed at the edges so that aromas are better perceived. A very suitable glass to enjoy a delicious blanc de noirs Cava!

Whatever your choice and diversity of possibilities, it is important to bear in mind some key characteristics of the glass when it comes to wine tasting:

  • The size of the glass: it influences the quality and aromatic intensity of the wine. Glasses with a medium bowl will be good for young wines, and if shape is well selected, it will enhance the positive elements of the wine, such as aromatic intensity and freshness.
  • The stem should be long enough to be able to hold the glass without touching its bowl with your hand, in order to avoid transferring heat to the wine very quickly, which would affect its flavor and aromas appreciation.
  • The diameter of the rim must also be considered since it is the part that influences how aromas are perceived the most.
  • The glass is also a fundamental piece in wine tasting. The thin, colorless glass is more appropriate as it offers a clearer vision of the wine’s color and characteristics and makes the tactile sensation between the palate and the glass more pleasant.
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