A European wine grape with many names

Did you know there are over 60 ways to name Grenache all over the world? Known as Garnacha (AUS, BRA, NZL), Cannonau (ITA), Tocai Rosso (ITA), Rooi Grenache (ZAF), Red Grenache (ZAF, CHL), Granaxia (AUS), Tintore di Spagna (BIH), Grenaš crn (MKD, BIH, HRV), Grenache crni (HRV), Granacha (BIH), Alicantina (MAR), Garnacha negra (BIH), d’Alicante (BIH), Cannono (BIH), Lladoner Tinto (ESP) or Gironet (ESP), it originated in Europe (most likely Spain, according to ampelographic evidence). Because it  needs hot and dry conditions it was the ideal grape for the Mediterranean climate and it spread.

Varietal Type Names Origin
Garnacha Blanca W Garnachablanca; Grenache Blanc Spain
Garnacha Peluda R Lledoner Pelut Spain
Garnacha Roja (Gris) G Garnacha Roja; Garnacha Rose; Grenache Gris; Grenache Rose Spain
Garnacha Tinta R Cannonau; Garnacha; Garnacha Tinta; Grenache Noir; Grenache; Tinto Basto; Tocai Rosso; Vernaccia Nera; Vernaccia Nera Grossa; Vernaccina Nero Spain
Alicante Henri Bouschet R Alicante; Alicante Bouchet; Alicante Bouschet; Alicante H. Bouschet/Tintorera; Alicante H Bouschet Tintor; Alikante Mouse; Garnacha Tintorera; Tintoreras France

As a result, Garnacha/Grenache has a long history in Spain, Southern France, Corsica, Sardinia, southern Italy, Sicily and even Greece, in addition to its European native land. In the 19th century, California wine growers prized the vine’s ability to produce high yields and withstand heat and drought conditions. Another fun fact… Grenache was one of the first varieties to be introduced to Australia in the 18th century and eventually became the country’s most widely planted red wine grape variety until it was surpassed by Shiraz in the mid-1960s.

Want to know more about European Garnacha/Grenache History? Check our latest post where you can read all about it!

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