Sparkling Wine

Whether it is game day or you are just craving some good, crispy chicken on a weekend, a sparkling Grenache wine is the way to go. When you are in your wine shop, look for a sparkling cava with a label that lists Garnacha as the main grape. Choose a light white sparkling wine or a bubbly rosé to keep up with any of the sauces or dips that come with your chicken. Plus, we love how the bubbles dance and scrub the fried chicken grease off of our tongue and keeps our palate from getting overwhelmed between bites. Not to mention, we feel so fun and fancy sipping on flutes of bubbles with our delivery or takeout. Leave it to sparkling wine to elevate a takeout dinner.

To finish a meal or dinner, choosing a sweet Rosé wine maximizes the flavor of many desserts: lemon sponge cakes, chocolate and cream cake, crepes with melted chocolate or fruit tarts.

Fruity and flowery notes



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