Grenache-Garnacha: The many sides of the European grape that’s all the rage

By Joanie Métivier. Known as Garnacha in Spain and Grenache in France, this versatile European grape, formerly known as “tinta de Aragón” or Aragon’s red after its native region, is enjoying a well-deserved return to the spotlight. And here’s a little-known fact: Grenache is the seventh most widely planted grape in the world. For some [...]

European Garnacha/Grenache is Arguably the Most Eco-Friendly Grape in the World  

by Christy Canterbury MW Garnacha, also known as Grenache, is arguably one of the most eco-friendly grapes in the world. It has stood the test of time in its motherland of Spain. Garnacha seeds and leaves have been carbon dated back to 153 BCE, and its first known written reference dates back to 1513. [...]

3 Sommeliers on Why They Love Garnacha/Grenache Wines From Europe

by HONEST COOKING To Sommeliers, arguably the most knowledgeable wine people in the world, how do Grenache wines from Europe rank? We chatted with three different wine professionals to hear what they love about these European wines and how they like to pair them with food. First up, Adelf Moral, a man with many hats. [...]

All you need to know about European Grenache/Garnacha’s characteristics and social aspects 

by Michael Pinkus Everybody is always talking about, and looking for, the next big thing in the wine world so let the questions rage: Will it be a country? Will it be a grape? Will it be a style? Will it be a winemaker? There are truly no shortage of possible answers – but [...]

Behind the Scenes of One of the Old World’s Oldest Grapes

OCTOBER 16, 2018 by HONEST COOKING Partner post: Discover the European grape, Garnacha/Grenache.  Garnacha aka Grenache aka “The Mediterranean Grape” is one of the world’s oldest grape varietals. Being extremely versatile and delicious, it’s a classic for a reason. This famed can be found growing in countries around the globe, but truly thrives in its hometown [...]

The new Pinot Noir? 

Well, although this very particular grape is not new at all, it’s been getting broader worldwide recognition during the last two decades, with a new generation of  Garnacha winemakers in Europe are taking a new approach on the variety. In the recent times, it has also become a trend, and one way for better explain [...]

Grenaches du Monde 2018: a record edition celebrated in Europe

Last April the 14th, the closing ceremony of the sixth edition of Grenaches du Monde International Contest took place in PDO Terra Alta (Catalonia, Spain).  The land of white Garnacha was this edition’s host region and chose Gandesa as its main spot for several tastings occurred from April 12 to April 14. Grenaches du [...]

Europe will host the VI International Garnacha/Grenache Contest

Every year since 2013, a unique occasion for celebrating Garnacha/Grenache wines from all over the world takes place: this is Grenaches du Monde, an exciting competition where more than 100 professional judges a wide selection of the grape from diverse geographical indications. The event, born and coordinated by the CIVR (Interprofessional Council of Wines [...]

European Quality Garnacha/Grenache: The New Hit Grape from the Old World

Spain and France join forces with the European Commission to unveil the grape’s true potential in North America Garnacha Origen Association and Wines of Roussillon (Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins du Roussillon) are thrilled to announce their alliance in launching “Garnacha/Grenache: The New Hit Grape from the Old World,” a three-year European Union co-funded campaign [...]

Crisp Autumn Wines

As temperatures begin to drop and green foliage changes to golden hues, the Northern Hemisphere welcomes the arrival of autumn. Hazy summer nights are replaced by crisp, cool ones and sandals are swapped out for sweaters. While some may lament the departure of warmer days, the seasonal change brings along the exciting return to [...]